"I am at the mercy of my material..."

Josh Daily is a Portland, Oregon based metal and found material sculpture artist. He creates art from recycled and repurposed materials in a contemporary folk/primitive style. He utilizes a variety of materials such as metal, construction waste, to even silverware and ordinary household appliances. Materials he uses will take decades to biodegrade - if at all. By re-purposing discarded materials, and removing them from the waste stream, he creates art inspired by the beauty of items found in every day life.

"When looking for art supplies in everyday life, it is a constant secondary thought process." Josh says. "For example, as I'm walking down the street or sitting with a group of people, I'm constantly studying my surroundings. I see everyday objects and think that would make a great eye, knee, or if I cut that piece of metal I could make it look feathers. That whatchamacallit would make a great base for a coffee table. I am at the mercy of my material."

Pricing for artwork begins at $100 and increases up to approximately $3,000, based on amount of material, labor, and size of the work. Please inquire directly for specific pricing.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork featured here, or in commissioning a custom project, please  email: joshdailyart@gmail.com

Alberta Street Gallery  1829 NE Alberta St.
Portland Saturday Market - SW Waterfront (select weekends)
Attic Gallery 421 NE Cedar St, Camas, WA 98607