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A rotating selection of the following pieces are available to view and purchase at Rose City Coffee Co. at 3370 SE Milwaukie Ave in Portland, OR and via my Etsy account (free shipping!). Free delivery in the Portland, OR area! Payment accepted via cash, check, or credit cards via Square.

Anything not currently displayed at Rose City may be purchased by emailing me:

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Bugs, Lizards, Etc

 Banjo Player

Petty Bird

 Trombone Player

 Guitar Flag Guy
Bass Player

 Obedient Dog



 Shy Bird

 Nerdy Turtle

 Mustache Turtle


 Coho Salmon

 Bolting Crab

 Dapper Pelican


 Grumpy Quarantine Cat

 Spoon Elephant

 Lion Goat

On the Prowl

 Froggie Tongue

 Man's Best Friend



 Ocean Chaos


 Fancy Dog

 Baby Dragon






 Orange Giraffe

 Sockeye Salmon


 Bald Eagle


 I Believe I Can Fly

 Egyptian Cat



 Hooty Owl






 Big Turtle


 Goatee Bug

Stinger Bug

Cranky Bug



 Ralphy Bug

King Bug


Comb-Over Bug

Mesh Wing Bug

 Antenna Bug

Coat Hook Bug

Winged Bug

Flat Nose Bug

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